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Session Descriptions

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    2021 Session Descriptions

    Keynote Address - Opportunity Rocks: How Your Strategic Vision Affects Your Rock Star Performance
    Presenter: Marvellous Mark - Chief Executive Rockstar Opportunity Rocks Inc. dba Marvelless Mark Speaks

    Be prepared to unleash your inner HR Rock Star by receiving Rock Star success strategies as only a Las Vegas Headliner can deliver. Find out how a bigger strategic vision will give you a new perspective on change, goals, and effectively working together as a team.

    In this engaging, entertaining, and energizing experience you will walk away with:
    The raw power of unrealistic vision

    • Apple’s Steve Jobs’ model for business success
    • The most important insight into enduring team success
    • When to break the rules and strategically disrupt the status quo
    • A new perspective on how to lead change not manage change
    • A clearer vision on taking the right kind of action

    You will learn how to perform at a higher level, develop a rock star mindset that will give you Rock Star Results.

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    Keynote Address - Closing the Gap Between Average and Excellence
    Presenter: Dr. Sam Jones - Founder/CEO of Life Changing Presentations

    In challenging times, we must have a clear and impartial business vision. When we are not seeing clearly, 'average' tendencies can creep into the normal day-to-day routine. In this program, Dr. Jones aids participants in overcoming the silos of average habits to create patterns of excellence within their organization and in life.

    Participants will be able to…

    • Recognize the 5 reasons why leaders struggle, and eventually fail.
    • Demonstrate 6 innovative techniques leaders can implement that transform average tendencies intopatterns of excellence
    • Integrate strategies to enhance partnerships at any level within the organization

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    Keynote Address - The Future of HR: Strategic partnerships that create acquisition, engagement and retention solutions
    Presenter: Colene Rogers - President/CEO of Colene Rogers Speaker

    What initiatives does HR need to lead for future talent acquisition, engagement, and retention? With more jobs than candidates to fill them, organizations are looking to HR to resolve the issue. So often, supervisors will say, “I never saw it coming”; when one of their emerging leaders decides to leave. What were the warning signs and why did they remain invisible and undetected by the HR and more importantly the Supervisor?


    1. Learn how HR can establish mission-critical internal partnerships within their organization to increase talent retention.
    2. Learn how to align HR’s strategic plan with the organization’s strategic plan and implement strategic talent acquisition and retention initiatives.
    3. Develop key business/performance metrics and utilize tools such as a turnover calculator to monitor/control turnover and add to the organization’s bottom line.


    1. HR will earn instant credibility and sustained confidence with the C-suite by learning how to accurately reflect the true cost of turnover.
    2. Discover how HR can be a catalyst for creating a culture of engagement and accountability on every level of the organization.
    3. Influence leadership and staff at all levels to support organizational change even if they are naturally change-resistant.
    4. Hear real-life examples of companies who have implemented ways to disrupt HR and challenge the way

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    ADA/FMLA Update
    Presenter: Jennifer Kogos - Partner for Jones Walker LLP's Labor & Employment Practice Group

    The administration of FMLA leave, complying with the ADA, and the interplay between the FMLA and the ADA continue to be sticky issues for employers, both in the workplace and the courts. We will review the latest developments and provide guidance for compliance.

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    Becoming The (HR) Agent of Change 
    Presenter: JOHNNY CAMPBELL - Personal Performance & Change Management Expert for Speak on IT 

    Are the changes in today's world an opportunity for prosperity or pain in the neck? Many leaders of today are struggling with how to direct change while benefiting from it. When it comes to change there are many challenges from how we get started, to how the change will be perceived by the public and embraced by your teams. In this entertaining and informative program, we will discuss how HR professionals can effectively implement, lead and navigate people through the uncertainties of organizational change.

    Attendees will learn:

    • A change management blueprint for implementing an organizational change·
    • How to think more strategically and Be More resilient when managing change
    • Strategies and techniques for getting their teams to embrace the change initiative
    • The real reason ""why"" people resist change & How to get them to embrace it

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    Company Culture Through Pandemic and Beyond - Four Pillars of a Flourishing Workplace
    Presenter: Julie Ann Sullivan​ - President/CEO for Julie Ann

    In a world where employers are struggling to get the talent they need, it’s more important than ever to create a culture that affects everything from job postings to exit interviews. The future of your business depends on it. Recruiting and retaining great talent, efficiency and customer loyalty benefit from the culture you design. Julie Ann Sullivan’s unique perspective, interactive delivery and humor can help you make it happen.

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    Critical Conversations: Business Strategies for Increased Retention and Profits
    Presenter: Colene Rogers - President/CEO of Colene Rogers Speaker

    With so many challenges that threaten your ability to hold onto the employees you worked so hard to find, transparent and honest communication is essential. There is considerable research to suggest that an organization’s success is greatly affected by the way their people handle tough talks. The research suggests that the organizational costs of avoiding these conversations or having them poorly, can include:

    1. Loss of clients or potential business
    2. Damage to company reputation
    3. High employee turnover
    4. Loss of morale
    5. Decreased productivity & engagement

    Naturally, these amount to lost profits while opening the door to potential employment lawsuits. As a conflict resolution expert, Colene Rogers, SHRM-SCP teaches participants skills they can apply to handle these tough talks with more success. Participants learn techniques to stay in the conversation until all observations and opinions are heard. With the use of stories, interaction, application and easy to apply “take home” action steps, participants will feel more confident than ever to have the conversation they have been avoiding.


    • Learn how to use techniques for addressing effective communication that leaders use to improve relationships, retention and a reduction in turnover.
    • Align communication with the values, vision, and mission of your company to support corporate objectives.
    • Influence companywide accountability that leads to superior decision making and increased profits.

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    COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace: Employment Law, Benefits & Well-Being
    Presenters: Wendy King - South Region Director of Health & Performance for HUB International and  Carrie Cherveny - Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Solutions for HUB International

    As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes a reality, employers will need to determine their workplace policies. Organizations with essential workers, or those who cannot maintain social distancing, may consider mandatory vaccination programs.  Some employers may opt to encourage their employees to voluntarily receive the vaccine, while others will develop and integrate a vaccine policy into their COVID-19 health and safety programs.

    Regardless of your preferred approach, as an employer, you need to understand what you can and can’t do when it comes to employment law and employee benefits regulations.  Taking employee well-being best practices into consideration is also recommended before you finalize your approach.

    Join us for this panel discussion wherein our HUB experts answer important questions including:

    • Can employers require their employees to get vaccinated?
    • If vaccines are required, what are the options for administering them?
    • Will the cost be covered under health benefits?
    • How does the COVID vaccine fit into my corporate wellness strategy
    • Can I pay my employees to take the vaccine?

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    Duct Tape Can't Fix Your Broken Candidate Experience. Get Your SHIFT Together!
    Presenter: Ira S Wolfe - President & Chief Googlization Officer for Success Performance Solutions

    Duct tape can fix a lot of things - but a bad candidate experience isn’t one of them. Change isn’t waiting. Traditional recruiting practices aren’t working. And the “fun” is just beginning - the race for talent is in full swing and HR’s future depends on its ability to attract and acquire top talent. It’s time to get your “Shift” together. Get ready to engage top talent in 2020. Build an engaging, mobile, fast, and responsive candidate experience. During this presentation Recruiting in the Age of Googlization author/speaker Ira S Wolfe will guide you on the job applicant journey and provide recruitment marketing tips and insights on how to ensure an awesome candidate experience.

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    Emerging Workforce
    Presenter: Lynn Billing - SVP West & South Central Franchise & License for Spherion Staffing Services

    The Emerging Workforce Study spans 22 years of research. In 1997, the Emerging Workforce Study was the first to identify three types of workers—emergent, traditional and migrating—and the values and beliefs that define their work style. This revolutionary way of viewing the workforce uncovered substantial insights about how to effectively recruit, manage and retain workers and has evolved to include key strategies with implementable tips to guide workforce planning. Since then, each annual study expanded upon the previous one to provide trending data that paints a detailed portrait of the American workforce and reflects the opinions of 225,000+ workers and thousands of companies over the life of the Study.

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    Employment Law Update
    Presenter: Sherron Phae Williams, ESQ - Director of HR for City of Shreveport

    During this presentation Attorney Williams will discuss cutting-edge regulatory, legislative, and legal issues facing HR professionals in 2021. She will update participants on new regulations affecting the workplace, potential legislative efforts impacting the human resource field, and case law addressing issues of importance to employers.

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    The Engagement Trifecta.  Beat the Odds and Create a Winning Workplace Culture
    Presenter: Julie Ann Sullivan​ - President/CEO for Julie Ann

    For those looking to recruit and retain great talent in their workplace, this formula begins with what leadership can emulate for their company’s success. Trust and accountability are built from the C-Suite. This motivating employee engagement program has the steps to create an environment people want to show up for. The advantages to a workplace culture of engagement are many and diverse. Each component will extract the best from each team member involved in your overall success. The results are increased productivity, creativity and loyalty. In addition, you will see increased abilities to problem solve, clarity of purpose and healthier workers. Increase your awareness of what it takes to builds an engaged workplace where the employee experience is affected from job posting to exit strategies. Through research-based solutions, you can produce measurable success for the individuals and the company’s bottom line.

    By attending this program, participants will:

    • Emphasize the strong role of leadership to emulate, communicate and reinforce strategies necessary to sustain business success
    • Understand the importance of purpose on a micro and macro level and its relationship to greater productivity, safety and a longer life
    • Create habits to sustain and enhance positive behaviors
    • Identify and exclude destructive behaviors that damage a workplace environment
    • Acquire specific implementation methodologies to utilize immediately

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    The Evolution of Payroll
    Presenter: Mike Gaida - Product Manager for Ultimate Software

    There are some who believe that the payroll function is a commodity. It's just hours and dollars, taxes and deductions, right? But is it? When is the last time you thought about the fact that an employee's paycheck is probably their primary source for financial stability? Wouldn't their relationship with the companies they work for be shaped not just by the money, but also HOW they receive it? How do emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence affect payroll? And how will payroll services evolve to better serve this all important function? Explore new perspectives on these and other questions about the future of payroll from two of our leading thinkers.

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    How 2020 impacted Employee Benefit Plans and Inspired Technology Innovation
    Presenter: Patrick Morrison Employee Benefits Advisor at Eustis Insurance and Benefits, a Marsh McClennan Company

    We will look back at 2020 and how social distancing impacted traditional ways we work and communicate.  We will also spend some time discussing the future and how technology will play an important part of the communication process.

    • The impact of COVID on our city, state and nation
    • How things changed for Employers, Employees and HR
    • Compliance concerns that should be addressed
    • Where do we go from here / what does the future hold?
    • What Technology can do to help

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    HR Technology Market: Landscape and Trends
    Presenter: Chris Baldwin - Regional HR & Benefits Technology Sales Leader for Gallagher

    The role of the HR department has evolved, and teams need to be more strategic to support better organizational wellbeing. Technology solutions exist to increase efficiencies and drive all aspects of your people strategy, but how do you know which one is right for your organization? With a myriad of choice available in the market and the rapid pace of change in the HR technology landscape, it can be difficult to keep up. Join Gallagher’s HR & Benefits Technology Consulting team as we outline trends driving change, a risk evaluation framework to help you navigate the market and the truth about what you’re really buying from a service provider.

    Discover HR tech solutions that will help you:

    1. Changing social landscape
    2. Employee experience
    3. Mobile apps
    4. Integration of point solutions
    5. Productivity

    Learning Objectives

    • Explore the current HR technology market landscape
    • Identify key risks to consider when evaluating HR
    • Learn about HR technology trends and what’s driving them

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    The impact on Workers Compensation Claims of Selected Significant Labor/Employment Laws:  Americans with disabilities Act, Family & Medical Leave Act, Workers' Compensation Retaliation Prohibition Law"
    Presenter: E. Fredrick Preis, Jr - Attorney & Senior Partner for Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, L.L.P.

    This session will include discussion of the complexities of the ADA, FMLA and Workers' Compensation Law as well as common issues such as coverage, enforcement, limitations, and duty of employers that arise among ADA, FMLA and Workers' Compensation Mandates.

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    Leadin in a Post COVID World
    Brent Henley - Consultant

    • Purpose: to understand how you lose energy and, more importantly, how to get it back.
    • Process: You will understand how change depletes energy, how to understand how loss is perceived and how to help others get their energy back.
    • Payoff: You will learn tools and skills to help manage and lead the day-to-day aspects of change

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    The Psychology of Effective Incentive Plans
    Presenter: James T. Stodd - Owner for JT Stood & Associates

    This program is designed to a) review the basic tenants of “expectancy-value theory”, then use those tenants to b) establish four key principles for the design and administration of effective variable pay (incentives/bonus) programs aimed at improving individual, team and organizational performance.

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    Raise the B.A.R. (Beliefs. Actions. Results.)
    Presenter: Dr. Sam Jones - Founder/CEO of Life Changing Presentations

    If not challenged, your best employees will become lackadaisical about organizational expectations and your average employees will remain in the trap of mediocrity. The only way out for both groups is to Raise the B.A.R. In this program, Dr. Jones emboldens attendees to improve by transforming their beliefs into actions to achieve a desired result. Dr. Jones will share ways to re-energize, re-engage, and re-spark your inner drive, improve results and maximizing productivity.

    Participants will be able to...

    • Define and evaluate their beliefs for what works and what doesn't work
    • Capitalize on actions that increase and demand higher expectations
    • Demonstrate strategies to motivate their team to reach new heights

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    Sex, Drugs, and Other Employment Issues Keeping Human Resources Up at Night
    Presenter: Erin Kilgore - Partner for Kean Miller LLP and Chelsea Caswell - Associate at Kean Miller LLP

    This presentation will discuss the issues affecting HR professionals in this new decade, including developing issues related to LGBTQ coverage, prescription medication, leave issues, and more.

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    Solid Rock Business Strategies That You Forgot Or Never Used
    Presenter: Marvellous Mark - Chief Executive Rockstar Opportunity Rocks Inc. dba Marvelless Mark Speaks

    There are some who believe that the payroll function is a commodity. It's just hours and dollars, taxes and deductions, right? But is it? When is the last time you thought about the fact that an employee's paycheck is probably their primary source for financial stability? Wouldn't their relationship with the companies they work for be shaped not just by the money, but also HOW they receive it? How do emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence affect payroll? And how will payroll services evolve to better serve this all important function? Explore new perspectives on these and other questions about the future of payroll from two of our leading thinkers.

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    Staying Ahead of the curve: U.S. Immigration Updates
    Presenter: Oxana Bowman - Senior Attorney for Foster US & Global Immigration Services

    With President Biden taking office on January 20, we look forward to partnering with his administration and advocating for a new vision for America’s immigration system.  While we expect many announcements in the initial months, the real, lasting work of overturning the deleterious policies of the Trump administration and implementing a new vision will take time. More than ever, America needs the brightest, most talented, and hardest-working people the world has to offer. The objective of immigration policy should be to affirm America as the land of opportunity. The United States is home to about 45 million immigrants who come from all over the world hoping to build a better life. They are entrepreneurs and innovators, bringing with them the skills America needs to compete in the global economy. They fill critical gaps in America’s labor force by performing work our economy requires and keeping our workforce vibrant as our population ages. The United States is only realizing a fraction of the potential that immigrants represent because of complex laws and outdated priorities. America can be both a welcoming nation and a secure nation. Pro-growth immigration reform is an economic imperative.

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    Using Your HR Crystal Ball – Taking the Guesswork Out of Hiring Using Pre-Employment Assessments
    Presenter: Amy Bakay, SHRM-SCP - Founder & CEO of HR NOLA and Jacob Dufor, SHRM-SCP, IPMA-SCP -  Director of HR Operations for HR NOLA

    Making accurate hiring decisions is not necessarily easy, but we don’t have to make it more difficult than it already is. To make an intelligent hire we need less guesswork and more data; which saves time and money, and allows your team to focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction. When used in conjunction with an interview, Assessments are valuable tools for finding good talent and predicting future behavior. Join us to explore the past, present and future of Assessments in the workplace.

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