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2018 Session Descriptions

    2018 Session Descriptions

    Inclusion 2020: Global Trends that will Redefine the Work, the Workers and the Workplace
    Presenter: Dr. Shelton Goode, DPA,  Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

    The work, workers, and workplace of the future will continue to undergo dramatic transformation. Research suggests that by 2030 workers will be older and younger at the same time, more educated and less skilled, hyper-connected through new technologies, and more ethnically diverse.

    How can we ready our organizations for this new workforce reality? What new strategies, competencies, and skills will be necessary to harness the benefits, yet counter the negative effects of these global disruptions? More importantly, what new leadership models will be needed to achieve high performance, innovation, and inclusiveness?

    Dr. Shelton Goode, diversity executive and thought leader, best-selling author and speaker, will address these questions as he details the megatrends and business implications that will shape the workforce of the future. Additionally, he will provide practical strategies that business leaders should employ if they expect to achieve greater Inclusion by 2020.

    Participants will learn the strategies, skills, and inclusive leadership behaviors needed to prepare for the workforce of the future. At the end of this session participants will be able to:

    1. Describe the mega trends that will shape the workforce of the future;
    2. Outline what are the strategic business implications of these mega trends and their impact on current workplace culture;
    3. Identify what are the skills, strategies, and new leadership competencies that will be necessary in the future to achieve greater high performance, inclusiveness, and innovation for workforce 2020.

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    Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Programs:  How to Prevail and Avoid the Pitfalls
    Presenter: Monique Gougisha Doucette, J.D. - Shareholder at Ogletree Deakins

    It is quite common for well-meaning corporate diversity and inclusion programs to begin with a blast and quickly slow to a sputter.    Corporations often struggle with launching and maintaining successful diversity programs for many reasons:   lack of organizational buy-in, weak initiatives, follow-up failures, etc.  This session will discuss the legal challenges faced by companies when implementing diversity programs.  The session will also examine what practically works (and does not work) for developing effective diversity and inclusion programs including:

    • the essential foundations and concepts for a diversity program;
    • understanding ‘diversity management vs. diversity PR’
    • eliminating inherent biases regarding diversity programming
    • best practices for maintaining depth and sustaining diversity and inclusion programs

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    Striving While…..? Getting to your Goal without Losing Your Soul!
    Presenter: Perry Sholes, SHRM-SCP, SPHRPresident of Progressive HR Strategies Inc

    Being a Person Of Color or any Minority in any company can be challenging.  It’s even more challenging when you are the ONE or one of a few.  As a POC not only are you trying to figure out the technical aspects of your new job, you are navigating through a world that has many unwritten rules, norms and customs. In addition to all these things, for some people it may be their first experience with a POC or minority. The career of a POC gets more challenging as they ascend the organization with even fewer POCs. The session is based on a book “Striving While Black!” by Kwame Salter.  Kwame is my mentor. We met at Kraft Foods Company where he was Executive VP Human Resources.

    The session will examine what individuals and companies can do to help make the transition and inclusion of diverse talent work in their favor and accomplish retention goals.

    • Career Intelligence Quotient (CIQ): Organizational Savvy, Mastering Interpersonal Skills, & Learning Agility
    • Mastering the Five P’s!: Poise, Presence, Projection, Persistence, Politics
    • Tactics for Getting to Your Goals – Overview of Seven Principles Key to Success
    • Best practices for companies who recruit diverse talent and strive to retain that talent

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    Recognizing Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace
    Presenter: Deborah Estrin, SHRM-SCP - Manager, Diversity & Inclusion and Employment Compliance at Entergy

    In the next 10 years, one in 5 individuals in the United States will be classified as a person with a disability.  This session will help you understand the breadth of the current ADA and EEOC definitions of disability, how you can be successful working with Individuals with Disabilities in your workplace, and how you can encourage IWDs (especially those with invisible disabilities) to voluntarily self-identify.

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    From Diversity Zero to Hero: The GoDaddy Transformation Story
    Presenter: Katee Van Horn, SHRM-CP, PHR - Founder & CEO of Bar the Door Consulting and Coaching

    Overhauling a company's reputation, brand and culture is no small feat, but over the last five years, GoDaddy has achieved a full-scale transformation. Katee Van Horn, the former VP of Global Engagement and Inclusion, was there throughout. She'll bring us behind the scenes to show exactly what it took to elevate GoDaddy to one of the most admired workplaces for diversity, and particularly for women in tech.

    In this session you will:

    • Learn practical tips to engage your employees in their career
    • Ways to innovate your annual review process to simplify and block bias
    • Implement tools to help managers become more consistent and fair around promotions

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